Helping Good Schools Become World Class

“High Performance Learning is an educational approach which leads to significantly improved results.”

Professor Deborah Eyre, HPL Founder
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Helping Good Schools Become World Class

“I truly believe that High Performance Learning is key to creating smart, successful and driven students.”

Linda, Student.
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Helping Good Schools Become World Class

“HPL is a whole school vehicle to improve the quality of learning and teaching in all subjects for all teachers and every student. I recommend HPL to you without hesitation.”

Gloria Lowe, Headteacher, Sydenham School
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The High Performance Learning Framework

Using the High Performance Learning Framework results in:

Significantly improved academic outcomes

More resourceful students

Motivated teachers

Transformed schools




The Benefits of High Performance Learning


  • Make the gear change in their school to become world class
  • Bring coherence to disparate initiatives with HPL’s overarching framework
  • Achieve significantly improved results for your school


  • See the bigger picture and develop each student (rather than just covering content)
  • Develop new ways of thinking about and teaching their subject
  • Own the transformation – HPL is a pedagogy-led approach


  • Are encouraged and empowered to succeed
  • Trust that, with work, their school will help them achieve highly
  • Develop the values and skills they need to be college, work and life-ready



Read Professor Deborah Eyre's Acclaimed Book:

hpl bookcover 350x495 min

Deborah Eyre’s book makes a powerful and concise case for putting the quality of teaching and learning at the heart not just of school improvement but also system reform.
Sir Michael Barber

Chief Education Advisor, Pearson PLC

High Performance Learning: How To Become A World Class School By Deborah Eyre

Essential reading for anyone wanting to implement High Performance Learning in their school or classroom.

This book presents the argument and evidence for the HPL philosophy: high academic performance is an achievable reality for many students, not just the few.

It lays down the gauntlet for schools and asks them to rethink their expectations completely in the light of new discoveries in neuroscience and psychology. It asks them to set about the task of creating high performers by systematically building better brains, teaching students how to be ‘intelligent’ and how to succeed in school.

As well as outlining each of the elements that make up the HPL framework, the book provides advice about how to develop high performance learners for policy makers, senior leaders, teachers and parents. There are also examples and case studies showing how HPL can be put into practice in the classroom.

Reading the book is an important first step on the HPL journey. With this preparation, teachers and school leaders will be able to make the most of HPL membership and other services to move their school from good to world class.

Publisher: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group
ISBN: 9781138940130



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