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About High Performance Learning:

HPL jumpstarted my development as a leader, both in the classroom and outside of it; acquiring valuable skills (e.g. independent thinking and the ability to synthesize, apply and challenge knowledge) helped me gain the confidence I needed to succeed, as well as providing me with the necessary tools to achieve my goals. I truly believe that High Performance Learning is key to creating smart, successful and driven students. When I was first introduced to HPL as a philosophy, as developed by Professor Eyre, my first thought went towards the generations of students who will benefit from the learning approach. HPL is not only about embracing the idea of limitless capacity, it teaches students how to break these boundaries and reach for more.

Linda, Student

HPL is a whole school vehicle to improve the quality of learning and teaching in all subjects for all teachers and every student. It is this that makes it remarkable. HPL is not prescriptive, but is nevertheless sufficiently guiding to enable school leaders to place pedagogy at the heart of a self-improving school - which is the only place that it belongs. HPL is not a quick fix - nor should it be. It is, however, a game changer. HPL manages to be both containing and liberating and offers a shared language for all to use. It is value and concept driven as well as rich in theoretical understanding. In the mid to longer term, HPL will transform your school with the result that the vast majority of students will be supported to perform highly and secure high outcomes, reliably, year on year. Students will also have become independent freethinkers, able to face any intellectual challenge and play with abstract ideas. They will be ready for the next stage and fully equipped with the skills so hungrily sought by universities and potential employers. I recommend HPL to you without hesitation.

Gloria Lowe, Headteacher, Sydenham School


We placed a lot of emphasis on helping our students to become well-motivated and engaged independent learners and the HPL philosophy worked well to underpin this.

Stuart White, Senior Leader

High Performance Learning offers schools a vision that is inclusive, embracive and ambitious. It includes all learners, it embraces a broad paradigm of education and it represents an ambitious, improvement-focused framework for superb schools. Taking together, High Performance Learning is what outstanding schools are all about.

Simon O’Grady, Principal, British International School, Cairo

A new world of possibility came from applying your common sense idea that we should use the techniques we might apply to inspire able kids towards excellence to all, believing that all students are capable not letting them settle on mediocre.

Jane, Headteacher

High Performance Learning is the key to unlocking potential for greatness within each child and equipping them with competencies that would enable them to become smarter at thinking and behaving.

Mary Grosser, North West University South Africa

I work as a Nord Anglia teacher and I love your work on high performance learning.

Graham, Teacher

I have worked in schools that have embedded your HPL philosophy and believe every school should follow this philosophy.

Michelle Stevens, Early Years Co-ordinator, Multinational School Riyadh


Thinking about the ACPs I want to address in a lesson has reinvigorated my teaching in every aspect, while at the same time deepening my students’ understanding of the most complex areas in Science.

Simon Porter, Science Teacher

There is no doubt that making the ACPs explicit empowered students and transformed the way students approach literary analysis. Teachers planned for opportunities to explore the connotations of and the skills associated with advanced cognitive performance, and, in doing so, students felt supported and motivated by their quest for an enriched appreciation of literature.

Clare Leech, English Teacher

HPL ensures that students do learn the skills needed to be successful at their respective AP, A-level, IGCSE or IB exams. Students are thus not only well prepared for the challenges of the given curriculum, but they have also broadened their mathematical potential and improved their creative skills in mathematics.

Jacek Latkowski, Maths Teacher

About the book:

Deborah Eyre’s book makes a powerful and concise case for putting the quality of teaching and learning at the heart not just of school improvement but also system reform.

Sir Michael Barber, Chief Education Advisor, Pearson PLC

“Everything in your book is true, insightful, persuasively argued and elegantly written. As an inspirational yet practical guide for schools to move toward high-performance learning, it's at least as good as anything I've seen.” 

Chester Finn, Distinguished Senior Fellow and President Emeritus, Thomas B. Fordham Institute


About our CPD:

Many thanks for an excellent session and I was delighted to see how inspired my staff were!

David Hudson, Headteacher, Royal Latin School


"That was the best INSET we have had in decades".

Staff member, Dubai College


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