How is it Different?

Doha College brainstormHigh Performance Learning is not just another initiative or school improvement process. Neither is it a step-by-step programme.

Instead, High Performance Learning can be seen as an overarching approach that can actually bring coherence to the wide variety of initiatives and programmes in a school.

As well as an underpinning philosophy, High Performance Learning provides a practical framework that school leaders can use to transform learning – actively involving students and their parents in the learning journey and presenting schooling as a quest for cognitive success.

The framework identifies the component parts needed to make high performance learning a reality, allowing each unique institution to exploit its own context and build on its own practice as it creates its own interpretation of the framework.

At its heart, High Performance Learning is a pedagogy-led approach. The ACPs and VAAs provide a clear structure for student development within schools’ individual visions, contexts and curricula. Meanwhile, the seven supportive pillars help schools create a climate for success. The approach reinforces the professionalism of classroom teachers, while addressing what can be done at the whole-school level to optimise learning opportunities, individual support and personal motivation.

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