For Students:

We all want schools to produce students who can think for themselves, who are socially confident, and who have the skills to succeed at college, work and in life..

High Performance Learning’s core belief that that we should expect many more students to reach high academic levels is a game-changer for students.

Students who are educated in schools committed to the high performance learning philosophy and approach not only achieve higher academic results but they also develop the characteristics of high performance that enable them to succeed in life. They:

icon 16x16 Are encouraged and empowered to succeed

icon 16x16 Trust that, with work, their school will help them achieve highly

icon 16x16 Develop the values and skills they need to be college, work and life-ready

Throughout primary school, I had often underachieved; nevertheless, instead of letting their doubts take over, my teachers and parents continued to encourage me and help me develop a positive mindset towards learning and achievement. This played a paramount role in my growth as a learner; entering secondary school, I was the top student in my class. In secondary school, HPL jumpstarted my development as a leader, both in the classroom and outside of it; acquiring valuable skills (e.g. independent thinking and the ability to synthesize, apply and challenge knowledge) helped me gain the confidence I needed to succeed, as well as providing me with the necessary tools to achieve my goals.

Linda, Student

For Teachers:

Unlike other change programmes, High Performance Learning is pedagogy-led, relying on teachers using their professional capital to transform learning across schools.

Teachers who have incorporated the elements of High Performance Learning into their teaching, have found it can reinvigorate their teaching. They:

icon 16x16 See the bigger picture and develop each student (rather than just covering content)

icon 16x16 Develop new ways of thinking about and teaching their subject

icon 16x16 Own the transformation – HPL is a pedagogy-led approach

Thinking about the ACPs I want to address in a lesson has reinvigorated my teaching in every aspect, while at the same time deepening my students’ understanding of the most complex areas in Science.

Simon Porter, Science Teacher

For Senior Leaders:

School leaders are always under pressure to deliver better results for their schools, in an environment crowded with competing priorities and initiatives.

Headteachers and other senior leaders who have been introduced to High Performance Learning see its potential to work in their unique context to help them meet their goals.

They are using High Performance Learning to:

icon 16x16 Make the gear change in their school to become world class

icon 16x16 Bring coherence to disparate initiatives with HPL’s overarching framework

icon 16x16 Achieve better results for students

High Performance Learning offers schools a vision that is inclusive, embracive and ambitious. It includes all learners, it embraces a broad paradigm of education and it represents an ambitious, improvement-focused framework for superb schools. Taking together, High Performance Learning is what outstanding schools are all about.

Simon O’Grady, Principal British International School, Cairo (an HPL Pioneer School)


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