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High Performance Learning: the New Reform Standard for Education


High Performance Learning is a research-based, flexible, pedagogy led framework that supports the systematic building of student intelligence and competence. 


The most effective way for a school to embed High Performance Learning and make high achievement for all students a reality is to enrol in the HPL Award Scheme, which offers a two-year supported route for Good and Outstanding schools to embed the philosophy of high performance into every aspect of their school. See our page on the HPL Award for more information on how to enrol.


If you are interested in the HPL approach but do not feel ready to undertake the HPL Award Scheme, we offer a range of consultant-led, professional development for schools, and groups of schools, at three different levels:

Level 1: Introducing High Performance Learning in your School (click for a list of CPD modules at this level)

Level 2: Developing High Performance Learning (click for a list of CPD modules at this level)

Level 3: Embedding High Performance Learning (click for a list of CPD modules at this level)

The CPD modules that we have developed can be delivered in combinaton as part of whole-day(s) of INSET or by module in the form of twilight sessions. We also provide keynotes and workshops for conferences.


For the best chances of embedding High Performance Learning, we recommend a school-wide approach. As you can see from our list of modules, we provide training for:

icon 16x16 Leadership Teams

icon 16x16 Classroom Practitioners

icon 16x16 Support Staff

icon 16x16 Parents

icon 16x16 Governors

icon 16x16 Students

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