Becoming A World Class School

The High Performance Learning Award is a prestigious, globally-recognised award that celebrates the achievements of schools which are amongst the best in the world.


HPL is a whole school vehicle to improve the quality of learning and teaching in all subjects for all teachers and every student. It is this that makes it remarkable. HPL is not prescriptive ,but  nevertheless sufficiently guiding to enable school leaders to place pedagogy at the heart of a self-improving school which is the only place that it belongs. HPL is not a quick fix- nor should it be. It is a game changer. 

Gloria Lowe, Headteacher, Sydenham School (currently working towards the HPL Award)


The application round for the September 2018 cohort of Award Schools is now open. You can express an interest at any time by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Watch the video of our recent webinar to learn more about the HPL Award and why you should apply:



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So What is the Award?

Achievement of the HPL Award is a confirmation of a school’s ability to provide an exceptional level of education for its students, using the High Performance Learning approach to enable them to reach high levels of academic performance.

The Award is for schools that want to:

icon 16x16 take responsibility and be accountable for their own further improvement

icon 16x16 look outside their national context

icon 16x16 move beyond simply following a rubric towards innovating their own ambitious vision of high performance

In other words, the Award is for schools that want to make the gear-change required to join an international network of world-class schools.


Key Features of the Award

icon 16x16 The High Performance Learning Award is a globally-recognised quality mark for exceptional, self-improving schools and provides the framework and structure to enable schools to achieve a step-change in levels of student performance.

icon 16x16 The Award is based on a set of standards comprising of four elements which cover the culture of the school, the professional practice in teaching and learning, the leadership, management and internal accountability processes and the resulting outcomes for students.


The HPL Award Programme

HPL supports all schools applying for the Award through a transformational change programme, over six terms. The programme includes: 

icon 16x16 2-day induction conference with an international cohort of schools embarking on the programme

icon 16x16 Regular coaching from a dedicated HPL Coach

icon 16x16 Access to whole-school CPD and pre-accreditation support

icon 16x16 Supporting tools and documents giving guidance on how to adopt the High Performance Learning approach and how to evaluate progress towards the standards

icon 16x16 HPL Membership.

For more information see the document: ‘How To Become A World Class School: Introduction to The High Performance Learning Award’


Next Steps

icon 16x16 Read more about the HPL Award

icon 16x16 Work out if your school is ready for the HPL Award by using our quiz

icon 16x16 And...

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HPL’s Pioneer Schools 2016-2018

Pioneers logos landscape

HPL is currently working with eight schools to implement High Performance Learning in their schools to the standard required for them to be recognised as High Performance Learning Award Schools. The schools are pioneering HPL’s two-year journey of self-improvement, working towards a vision and goals underpinned by the High Performance Learning approach.

The schools represent a variety of contexts, and will each develop their own unique implementation of the elements of the High Performance Learning framework.

The schools are:

icon 16x16 British International School, Cairo (Egypt)

icon 16x16 British International School, Stavangar (Norway)

icon 16x16 Chesterton Community College (UK)

icon 16x16 Doha College (Qatar)

icon 16x16 Downley Primary School (UK)

icon 16x16 Royal Latin (UK)

icon 16x16 Sir William Borlase (UK)

icon 16x16 Sydenham School (UK)

See our pioneer schools page for more information about the schools.

High Performance Learning offers BISC a staged process to achieve its strategic ambition; a road map that puts learning at the heart of the journey. As a Pioneer School, BISC has much to gain from its close collaboration with leading international schools, and much to give through its work with schools in Egypt. Building on its practice of sharing high quality professional development, BISC intends to use High Performance Learning to influence other educators and engender a culture of high expectations in schools across Egypt.

Simon O’Grady, Principal, British International School, Cairo

HPL being the central part of our three-year development plan, I know that it will make Doha College, a school of 2000 students already known for being the best school in Qatar, an even better place

Dr Steffen Sommer, Principal, Doha College


Being the first school in Norway to offer all four International Baccalaureate programmes of study and having achieved excellent outcomes in recent school inspections and associated accreditation visits, we are a team of educators who are keen to extend our successes and to explore just how far we can advance performance within the challenging environs of an international school where student and staff mobility is high and the background of students is culturally and linguistically diverse.

Anne Howells, Principal, British International School of Stavanger



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