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The British International School of Cairo (BISC)

BISC is a co-educational all -through day school of 950 students 3-18. It has developed its HPL Road Map and is putting this into place through the establishment of Teacher Learning Communities (TLCs) and a ‘Play Practice, Perform’ model.

The British International School of Stavanger (BISS)

BISS is an all- through school 3-18 in Stavanger, Norway, with 500 students from 50 nationalities. It delivers all four IB programmes and many of its familiar features, such as the Learner Profile and enquiry based learning, fit very neatly into HPL. The school is now focusing upon empowering its staff to develop the necessary mindset shift and strategies to implement HPL in the everyday classroom.

Chesterton Community College

Chesterton is an 11-16 co-educational comprehensive school in Cambridge with 900 students from very diverse backgrounds. Chesterton has had a reputation as a research school and is developing HPL through a pilot project with a targeted group of students and their teachers who are using ACPs and VAAS in their lesson strategies. Teachers from Chesterton will be contributing an HPL webinar later this academic year.

Doha College

Doha College is known as the top school in Qatar and one of the leading British curriculum international schools in the Middle East. It is an all-through school 3-18 and has a student body of 1900, from 75 nationalities. It has made HPL the central part of its 3-year plan and given it the highest profile with its whole school community. HPL fits extremely well with its mission of Excellence for All, Excellence from all.

The Downley School

Downley is a large primary school of over 400 students in High Wycombe and is well known and accredited for its values based education. An HPL working group of staff has been created and the emphasis is now on developing the use of the ACPs in lessons.

Royal Latin School

Royal Latin School is a mixed 11-18 state grammar school of 1260 students in Buckingham which has the motto of High Expectations for All and a long and rich history. An HPL Working Party has been set up, with representatives from all faculties and ACPs and VAAS are being trialled in lessons. Students are also being involved in and made aware of these cognitive competencies and dispositions from the outset.

Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School

Sir William Borlase’s is a mixed 11-18 state grammar school of 1080 students in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, which identifies HPL as linking very well to the Quality of Learning initiative that has been a focus for the school. The ACPCs and VAAs that form the central element HPL are going to be the core focus for the school’s Teacher Learning Communities (TLCs) from September 2017.

Sydenham School

Sydenham is an 11-18 comprehensive girls’ school in south east London and has 1462 students. HPL has a leading profile in the school’s development and its Road Map is being aligned with existing structures and systems. HPL is being embedded through the ‘Play, Practice, Perform’ model, with a particular emphasis on the importance of language and the school intends for HPL to have a profound long term impact on its teaching and learning.

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