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The one-year Transformation Programme is a supported change and professional development programme for UK schools, focussing on whole school adoption of the HPL philosophy and framework. It takes schools that have undertaken the Foundation Programme from HPL within classrooms to HPL fully embedded across the whole school.

The Transformation Programme is school led, supported by structure and coaching with an HPL Associate who knows and understands your school and context. It is delivered through coaching, webinars, and supporting resources, as well as professional development through focussed action research. A Transformation steering group oversees working groups across the school. 


icon 16x16 Uplifts learner performance through whole school community engagement
icon 16x16 Actively involves a significant number of school professionals as well as learners, parents and governors
icon 16x16 Secures the HPL ACPs and VAAs as a common language for teaching and learning
icon 16x16 Aligns culture, policies and practices to the HPL philosophy
icon 16x16 Membership of the HPL virtual community and online library.

Transformation Programme cost

The one-year HPL Transformation Programme costs £18,100 + vat.


iTransformation Programme

The iTransformation Programme is for international schools. 

iTransformation Programme cost

The one-year HPL iTransformation Programme costs £23,340 + vat.


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