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Global Online Community

When you join HPL, you join a professional learning community of courageous educators ambitious for their students and themselves, researching, developing and sharing great HPL classroom practice. Our Global Online Community is a virtual community of HPL educators from all around the world. In it, you'll find:


icon 16x16 Online curated HPL library 
icon 16x16 Regular webinar programme
icon 16x16 Knowledge exchange through professional forums
icon 16x16 Exemplar lessons, classroom ideas, resources and blogs

Membership to the Global Online Community is included in HPL programmes.


icon 16x16 Accelerates and deepens your adoption of the HPL philosophy
icon 16x16 All the tools and resources you need for HPL in one place
icon 16x16 Diverse educational perspectives through global dialogue
icon 16x16 Self-directed professional development and research opportunities
icon 16x16 Access to the very best HPL practice as exemplified in World Class Schools
icon 16x16 Subject and phase support from HPL global lead teachers


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