High Performance Learning congratulates our new HPL Fellows and HPL Honorary Fellows.

Awarded at The 2nd HPL Annual Conference Dinner on Monday 28th June, we are delighted to announce our first HPL Fellows:

  • Charlotte Avery - St Mary’s, Cambridge
  • Kai Vacher – British School Muscat, Muscat
  • Gloria Lowe – Sydenham School, London
  • Russel Ellicott – Pate's Grammar School, Cheltenham
  • John Martin – Castle Hill Primary School, Basingstoke

HPL Fellow Status recognises an individual's sustained advocacy and commitment to the HPL philosophy and our movement for educational change. The title celebrates the exceptional contribution they have made to leadership in a global context.

We are proud to announce our HPL Honorary Fellows:

  • Anne Howells
  • Melanie Saunders
  • Dr Roy Blatchford
  • John Leighfield
  • David Harkin
  • Kelvin Hornsby

As ambassadors for High Performance Learning, they have led by example and set the highest expectations for what education can be, resulting in their school or organisation being at the forefront of educational thinking.

Looking to the future, working with our HPL Fellows, we are confident that we can transform the educational landscape and ensure that high performance becomes the educational norm for all children.

Professor Deborah Eyre, Founder and Chair of High Performance Learning, speaks to Zenna Hopson, former Chairman of Ofsted, in the Third Millennium Education podcast. 

The Third Millenium Education is a collection of thoughts and inspirations of stakeholders within education. A podcast exploring state-mandated education, its relevance, impact and how it can best meet the needs of third-millennium learners, employers and the country.

Deborah spoke about her career and her focus on helping students reach high levels of cognitive performance. She also spoke about how she created the High Performance Learning organisation to engineer a system-change in educational thinking so that we start to accept that most people could be high performers and structure schools accordingly.



Teachers at Albany Academy are celebrating after being recognised for their quality of teaching and their belief that all students are capable of high performance.

The High-Performance Learning Teacher Certificate recognises educators who have successfully adopted HPL into their teaching and are able to model that practice to their colleagues. These teachers make sure that high performance is the norm for all the students in their classroom by systematically growing the minds of their young people. Teachers from Albany Academy now join an elite global community of professionals from Dubai to Mexico who routinely share practice and support each other.

High Performance Learning, the certification body, is a mission-driven organisation, working with the best schools and teachers across the world to change the face of education and deliver student high performance for the many - whatever their background - not the few.

Simon O’Grady, CEO at High Performance Learning, said:

“We are delighted to celebrate the tremendous teachers at Albany Academy. They are the compelling proof that excellence in teaching starts with the belief that all students are capable of high performance.”

Staff and students at Albany Academy had to go through a rigorous journey, which was supported by HPL, to encourage all children to achieve success academically and throughout their lives.

Six teachers from Albany Academy have received the prestigious award, presented remotely this year, in recognition of their expertise in teaching students and supporting colleagues.

Mr Steele, Ms Devlin, Ms Crompton, Mr Eaves, Mr McNaboe and Ms Wensley all were trained for 18 months and are now recognised for the use of HPL in the classroom not only teaching their subjects, but also how to teach children to become more effective learners.

Peter Mayland, Headteacher at Albany Academy and CEO of Albany Learning Trust added;

“As an academy trust we are committed to supporting all our teachers so that they can teach the best possible lessons. I am delighted that these six colleagues have committed to learn more about HPL so that they can support other staff and our students. By using the evidence-based behaviours of HPL, our students are able to develop into high performance learners in all their subjects.”

High Performance Learning behaviours will continue to be taught to all children at Albany Academy, Chorley New Road Primary Academy and throughout Albany Learning Trust.

Matthew Burke, Headmaster of St Edward’s Senior School in Cheltenham, has worked in education for over 20 years. In this "Heads Up" series, Matthew will be in discussion with some of the country’s leading Headteachers, as well as those who support the work going on in our schools, tackling key educational topics and questions relevant to education today.

In the latest Podcast, Mathew Burke speaks to Deborah Eyre, Education Consultant, widely published author and former Director of the Government National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth. Matthew and Deborah talk about the benefits of the High Performance Learning (HPL) philosophy in schools, the competencies and behaviours that lead to success, language for learning and the importance of giving parents strategies to enable them to engage in HPL with their children. The pair also touch on what a successful school HPL programme would look like.

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