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StSwithuns newsletter 300pxIf you're wondering where to start with HPL, this wonderfully insightful article from Jed Allen, student teacher at St Swithun's Prep School, Winchester, UK, tells you all you need to know!

Initially daunted to be on placement in an HPL school, Jed soon fell in love with the HPL philosophy and got to grips with incorporating HPL into all aspects of teaching.

Jed says: “I was initially apprehensive when tasked with teaching in a school which focussed on High Performance Learning (HPL). Was this just another one of those school improvement schemes which takes up a teacher’s valuable time and resources whilst providing minimal outcomes? I am pleased to say I could not have been more wrong. HPL allows students to achieve and maintain excellence. Whilst it may be challenging for teachers to first integrate into their pedagogy, the level of depth and understanding I have witnessed from the children whilst on this placement has been second to none.”

Jed is now a staunch advocate and concludes: “Working in this school which promotes HPL has been pedagogically transformational and going forward into my master’s degree, NQT year and future career I will undoubtedly advocate HPL for any school I work in.” Read the full piece here.