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Chesterton lesson 2This is the latest in our series of blog posts from HPL Pioneer Schools. HPL Members can join Chesterton to learn more about their implementation of HPL at the Webinar on Monday 20th February (visit the Member Site to register).

What happens when you rip up the rule book for a cohort of students? Can it make them world class learners?

This is what we at Chesterton Community College are finding out, using the concepts of High Performance Learning.

Working initially with a cohort of predominantly low prior attaining students (3rd out 4 sets if you like), a leading group of teachers at Chesterton are testing the cohort's responses to different paired ACPS and VAAs. Looking at both curriculum and lesson planning, we are evaluating how effective we find strategies in shifting students' mind-sets in the very short term (a task or lesson), and the very long term (their academic career).

Contextually over time (10 years or so), similar students have made progress at similar rates to other students, but not greater; a gap has remained. At Chesterton, we had already tweaked this cohort’s curriculum menu: their timetables / days are structurally different in shape to those of students on other pathways, their curriculum is more overlapping, and there is a robust pedagogy focused on the best teachers delivering genuine mastery and consolidation. Subsequently, we have over the last few years seen outstanding progress with this group and feel that all students reach a juncture where they can succeed.

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High Performance Learning has helped us to define the narrative of what we’re doing for this cohort of students, in terms of our aims, and in terms of giving us the language to explain how our students have been developing. In piloting HPL, we are confident that we can unlock the door that makes the difference between our students doing very well, and our students being truly world class.

Thanks to Lucy Scott, Richard Auffret and the rest of the team at Chesterton (http://chestertoncc.net/) for this blog post.

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