Author Simon O'Grady. Posted on 7-July-2016

In the first of our series from schools adopting High Performance Learning, Simon O’Grady, Principal of the British International School Cairo (BISC), explains why he wanted his school to be one of HPL’s pioneer schools.

Why we’re adopting HPL in our school

Being principal of a school widely regarded as the best school in Egypt has its challenges.

Our school, the British International School, Cairo (BISC), is 3-18 day school with 1000 pupils. Our aims are to promote the values of a pluralist society and provide equal opportunities to all pupils. Set within a broad-based education, all children are encouraged to strive for excellence and to become active, caring and thoughtful young people.

We’re a confident school without, I hope, being complacent. And there’s a high level of trust for our teachers to take risks within a clear set of accountabilities. We also partner with parents and actively involve learners in strategic decisions. Most importantly, we measure our success by the impact we have on the children the school serves.

When we were judged by the Independent Schools Inspectorate to be ‘excellent’ in all aspects, the challenge for the school has been to embed excellence across its diverse activities

What does HPL offer?

When I came across High Performance Learning, I realised that it could help us meet this challenge, so we were quick to sign up as one of HPL’s ‘Pioneer Schools’, beginning the journey to becoming accredited as an HPL Award School.

The HPL Award Journey provides BISC with a staged process to achieve its strategic ambition: a road map that puts learning at the heart of the process. As a Pioneer School, BISC has much to gain from its close collaboration with leading international schools, and much to give through its work with schools in Egypt. Building on its practice of sharing high-quality professional development, BISC intends to use High Performance Learning to influence other educators and engender a culture of high expectations in schools across Egypt.

Overall, I think that High Performance Learning offers schools a vision that is inclusive, embracive and ambitious. It includes all learners, it embraces a broad paradigm of education and it represents an ambitious, improvement-focused framework for superb schools. Taking together, High Performance Learning is what outstanding schools are all about.

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