Level 1: Introducing High Performance Learning in your School


A.  High Performance Learning: A Step Change for your School?

Who: The Senior Leadership Team

How long: 2 hours

Outcome: Your Senior Leadership Team understands the philosophy and ethos of HPL and whether the programme is right for your school


  • Understanding HPL and identifying it as the main driver and ‘gear change’ for your school’s future development
  • Understanding the different ways in which HPL can be introduced and developed in your school and the benefits it will bring
  • If a CPD Day is to follow, planning the most effective ways in which to introduce HPL to the whole teaching staff and utilise the day.


B.  An Introduction to High Performance Learning: 

Who: Whole staff

How long: Half a day

Outcome: Staff understand the rationale of HPL and why it is important for their school


  • We will present the evidence which underpins HPL and explain how it can be implemented in a school
  • We will cover the student profile, formula for high achievement, the two core strands of HPL and the 7 Pillars of High Performance. 
  • Staff will be asked to reflect on their practice and consider the school vision for going forward to becoming a World Class School
  • Time will be spent on understanding the impact of HPL on learners.


C.  High Performance Learning: An Introduction for Governors/Trustees

Who: Governing Bodies/Boards of Trustees

How long: 2 hours

Outcome: Governors/Trustees understand the rational for HPL and the benefits it will bring for the school/group of schools


  • Introducing Governors to HPL and encouraging them to consider this as a way forward for your school
  • Helping the Governing Body to understand how to use HPL to drive forward the whole school strategic Development Plan.


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