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The one-year Transformation Programme is a supported change and professional development programme for UK schools, focussing on whole school adoption of the HPL philosophy and framework. It takes schools that have undertaken the Foundation Programme from HPL within classrooms to HPL fully embedded across the whole school.

HPL staff work alongside a Steering Group of Senior Leaders to create a development plan for whole-school transformation and will help set up workstreams that will deliver this change. The HPL Transformation Programme is a blended learning approach that has regular and intensive contact with High Performance Learning across an academic year. 

The iTransformation Programme is a similar scheme designed for international schools. 

Who is the HPL Transformation Programme for? 

The Transformation Programme is for schools who have completed their Foundation year, requiring continued support from their HPL Associate in supporting the whole school community as they seek to: 

  • Have an aspirational vision which is shared by all, and a mission which sets the tone for high performance for all 
  • Enable more students to achieve the best educational outcomes 
  • Invest in their teachers by providing world-leading CPD based on the latest research 
  • Provide a long-term strategic direction and shared language for learning 
  • Provide a framework for better engagement of parents 

Benefits to your school

The HPL Transformation Programme further embeds the HPL Philosophy and framework across a whole school. 

  • The HPL Transformation Programme is focused on creating a performance culture throughout the school where every child is seen as a potential high performer.
  • Brings school policies and practices into line with HPL philosophy.
  • It extends and sharpens the teaching repertoire of every practitioner, ensuring that teaching and learning is rigorous, coherent and consistent.
  • It leads to an uplift in performance across the school and gives practitioners a more ambitious and positive outlook on their role. 
  • It creates a language for learning that can be shared across the school, with students of all ages and engages parents. 

Want to know more about the HPL Transformation Programme? 

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You can find out more about the High Performance Learning Transformation Programme and how it can benefit your school by downloading our information pack. 



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