High Performing School Award Scheme

High Performing School award scheme

The High Performing School (HPS) Award Scheme is a 2 year programme which enables schools to adopt the HPL philosophy and framework, to reach the standards required for accreditation as an HPL High Performing School and to secure entry into The Global Community of HPL Schools.

The Scheme is aimed at the Senior Leadership and Middle Leadership who, whilst participating in the scheme will lead the adoption within the school and take ownership for its successful implementation.  The scheme uses a professional learning approach to introduce the Middle and Senior leaders to new knowledge about how to create high performing students, to techniques for securing successful adoption of these ideas in classrooms and to ways in which they can align the school’s culture, systems and processes to ensure they reflect the HPL philosophy. 

Accreditation as an HPL High Performing School is a great achievement demonstrating that you will have made the leap to expect far more students to achieve highly and have met the demanding standards required of a High Performing School. Your teachers will now have deep expertise in contemporary teaching and learning and the HPL language provides a shared pedagogy for your school.

At the end of the award scheme, your school will undertake a formal accreditation process which confirms your compliance against the HPL High Performing School standards and, provided you are successful, you will be accredited with the prestigious HPL High Performing School Award and recognised as a school which provides high-quality teaching and learning within a positive and well-regulated environment.

Those achieving High Performing School status are then eligible to join The Global Community and High Performing Schools shaping educational futures in schools across the globe. With other like-minded, ambitious, educationalists, you are part of a collective defined by a vision and a mindset. You are not complacent. You have reached a huge milestone but you are keen to push on and do even more. To improve, innovate, and inspire so that your school gets better and better.

This pathway, starting with the High Performance School Award and continuing within the Global Community of HPL Schools also allows you to keep your sights set on the focused ambition on joining the Fellowship of World Class Schools.

Who is the HPL High Performance School Scheme for? 

The High Performance School Scheme is for schools who are ambitious and are looking for a next step which will enable them to:

  • Identify the next set of goals for the school that will create an uplift in performance swiftly and move the school closer to those at the forefront of education
  • Increase, year on year, the percentage of students attaining highly
  • Achieve better consistency in the quality of teaching and learning across the school
  • Promote well-being and create a positive culture amongst staff and students
  • Meet parental expectations, as all children are capable of great things
  • Secure reflective teaching and strong teacher performance (attitudes & practices)
  • Improve learner outcomes (ACPs, VAAs, attainments)
  • Improve student engagement levels and self-efficacy
  • Become a school with deep expertise in teaching and learning 

Benefits to your school

Schools who become HPL schools transform the way they function. They will have changed attitudes and practices amongst staff, students and parents and see that translated into better results and outcomes for their students. 

  • Significantly uplifts learner performance
  • Improves learner self-efficacy, engagement and enjoyment
  • Improves the quality and consistency of teaching and learning
  • Enhances teacher satisfaction and retention
  • Improves the quality and consistency of teaching and learning
  • Embeds the HPL ACPs and VAAs as a common language for teaching and learning
  • Confirms the school is fully aligned to HPL philosophy and standards
  • Once accredited, you become part of a prestigious global community of HPL schools
  • The Award is validated every three years

This is a prestigious quality mark recognising schools with deep expertise in teaching and learning and the ambition to continuously improve outcomes for learners.

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Details of the HPL High Performing School Scheme

The scheme comprises ten main elements:

  • A 2 year leadership and management strand of school-based and online activity for Senior Leaders to help them understand the HPL philosophy and framework and support them as they lead the school-wide adoption
  • A bespoke HPL adoption process for senior leaders and associated tools
  • Regular support from your High Performing Improvement Partner (HPIP) to help the school stay on track


  • A 2 year Professional Development (PD) course for Middle Leaders to enable them to become experts in contemporary learning science, confident HPL teachers and leaders of innovative change as their teams adopt HPL in their own classrooms
  • Access to the HPL framework and associated intellectual property
  • Classroom materials and downloadable materials to support the introduction of HPL and sample lessons for all subjects and phases
  • Impact measurement tools to monitor progress and impact


  • Certification for Middle Leaders upon successful completion of their course
  • Pre-accreditation support leading to validated accreditation as an HPL High Performing School
  • During the scheme designated status as an HPL Pathway School and following the accreditation graduation into The Global Community of High Performing Schools

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