High Performing School Award Scheme


The High Performing School Award scheme (HPSA) enables your school to take an important first step on the journey towards becoming world-class. It is a prestigious, globally recognised award that indicates that the school has successfully adopted the High Performance Learning philosophy and framework transforming the culture and outcomes of the school. The Award confirms that the school now demonstrates a high quality of education and remains ambitious to go even further in the quest to make high performance the norm for all students. 

On completion of the two years High Performing School Award Scheme and first accreditation, the school will then accede into The Global Community of High Performing Schools and continue to use HPL to secure unparalleled learning outcomes for its students. At a suitable point, the school may choose to seek World Class School status via participation in the World Class School Award conversion course.

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HPSA Information Pack 

You can find out more about the High Performance Learning High Performing School Award scheme and how it can benefit your school by downloading our information pack. 



Terms and conditions


Impact on your school

The adoption of High Performance Learning into the school with lead to changes in both behaviours and outcomes for students and staff. In particular, it creates a positive culture within the school and helps an organisation develop expertise in the learning sciences. You would expect a school to:

  • See an increase year on year in the number of students attaining highly
  • See improvements in student engagement levels and self-efficacy
  • Increase consistency in the quality of teaching and learning across departments
  • Have a shared language for teaching and learning that pervades the entire school community 
  • See parents more fully involved in their child’s learning 
  • Learn from other top schools in the global network of HPL schools, teachers and leaders.


"HPL is a whole school vehicle to improve the quality of learning and teaching in all subjects for all teachers and every student. It is this that makes it remarkable. HPL is not prescriptive, but is nevertheless sufficiently guiding to enable school leaders to place pedagogy at the heart of a self-improving school..."


Gloria Lowe, Headteacher at Sydenham School

“Professor Deborah Eyre founded HPL in August 2015, and in a remarkably short time has made it a serious global player in education. An impressive number of institutions have signed up to become accredited HPL schools, ranging from top international schools to a host of independent and state schools across the UK... Keep an eye on HPL because my bet is you’re going to hear a lot more of this vibrant organisation.”


Dr Stephen Whitehead from EDDi: Educational Digest International

“As the first accredited HPL school, we are now looking back at the best public examination results ever achieved at the College for the third year running, not to mention the immensely positive impact on the culture of the school, the relationships among and between students, staff and parents"


Dr Steffen Sommer, Principal at Doha College


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