The Foundation and IFOUNDATION Programme

The Foundation Programme is perfect for schools wanting to focus on developing their classroom-based practitioners by providing an exciting and transformational way of developing their professional practice. By focusing on a group of aspiring teachers, they provide an uplift in performance across the school, giving them a more ambitious and positive role and they develop their expertise in educational action research and classroom enquiry.

The one-year intensive High Performance Learning Foundation Programme is the first step for schools wanting to become an HPL school. It develops a group of approximately 20 competent HPL teachers to understand how to teach using the HPL framework and serves as a preparation for subsequent whole school adoption of the HPL philosophy. The Foundation programme is for schools and is delivered through taught time, supported online materials and individual assessment. It combines knowledge and skills with practice and reflection as well as lesson study and peer triad observations. There is frequent contact with an HPL Associate who knows and understands your school and context. 

We offer a similar programme for international schools called the iFoundation Programme. It is a one year programme for all staff delivered through three intensive teaching blocks, supported online materials and regular coaching. Between teaching blocks, an in-school steering group leads the implementation in classrooms following a schedule set out in advance. 

The Foundation/iFoundation Programme can be combined with the Transformation/iTransformation Programme.

Benefits to your school

The HPL Foundation Programme is firmly focused on the classroom-based practitioner and is designed to be an exciting and transformational way of developing professional practice.

  • It extends and sharpens the teaching repertoire of each practitioner and enables practice sharing as part of a like-minded group within a nurturing Professional Learning Community.
  • It leads to an uplift in performance across the school and gives practitioners a more ambitious and positive outlook on their role. 
  • It creates a language for learning that can be shared across the school, with students of all ages and with parents.
  • All teachers develop expertise in educational action research and classroom enquiry.
  • Students increased self-esteem and belief in themselves, both as learners and as individuals.
  • Students have an improved attitude and confidence in tackling their learning.
  • Students have higher performance on standard tests and formative assessments.


Who is the HPL Foundation Programme for? 

The Foundation Programme is for schools which are ambitious and looking to improve, seeking to:

  • Have an aspirational vision which is shared by all, and a mission which sets the tone for high performance for all.
  • Enable more students to achieve the best educational outcomes.
  • Invest in their teachers by providing world-leading CPD based on the latest research.
  • Provide a long-term strategic direction and shared language for learning.
  • Provide a framework for better engagement of parents.

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Discover what senior leaders in our schools have said about High Performance Learning.  

Establishing an emotionally safe and positive environment helps pupils achieve their academic potential, and our pupils now consistently achieve above national average results. The teaching and support staff are critical to the school’s success through their focus on each child’s individual educational requirements.

John Martin, Headteacher, Castle Hill

One of the many aspects of HPL that I love is the way in which you are providing robust, informed guidance that allows us to drive up standards. This is not driven by fear but by a collective determination to do what is best for our students. 

Richard Owen,Head, Mapleden Noakes

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 What happens after your Foundation year? 

Following your Foundation year, your school moves beyond the pilot stage and fully embeds the HPL philosophy and framework across the entire school, so it becomes the DNA of the school. This can either be achieved through the Transformation programme, where your HPL tutor will assist your focus on creating the whole school approach to HPL, whilst continuing to develop staff professional practice. If you are ready, however, you will move straight into the Award Scheme where your Senior Leadership will drive the change within your school through communication with their Middle Leaders and the support of an experienced HPL coach.

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