The Framework


7 Pillares minThe High Performance Learning framework is the way in which the HPL philosophy can be converted into practical action at a school level and create World Class Schools. It teaches students how to develop greater intelligence. 

At the heart of the framework are the Advanced Cognitive Performance characteristics (ACPs) and the Values, Attitudes and Attributes (VAAs). ACPs are ways of thinking that students need to develop and VAAs are the ways of behaving that students need to acquire. Neither will deliver success alone, but together they create high performers.  

High Performance Learning is a pedagogy-led approach. The ACPs and VAAs provide a clear structure for student development within a school’s individual vision, context and curriculum. Meanwhile, seven supportive pillars of HPL help schools create a climate for success. The approach reinforces the professionalism of classroom teachers, while addressing what can be done at the whole-school level to optimise learning opportunities, individual support and personal motivation.

Schools use the HPL Framework to develop their own interpretation of the HPL philosophy. The whole school community develops a performance mindset and professionally reflective teachers become more ambitious for students and themselves. They own their own professional development and develop their expertise to become great HPL classroom practitioners. 

Using the HPL approach has been proven to significantly enhance overall student outcomes and at the same time help students from disadvantaged backgrounds by raising expectations of what they can achieve and providing a clear, manageable and transparent framework to secure strong results.


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