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10 ways to... 

Discover 10 top tips from the High Performance Learning team. With coronavirus changing our day to day lives, parents are being asked to support their children with virtual learning from home. 

Click the images above below to download these helpful PDFs for parents. 


Create routines in learning at home

These 10 top tips can help parents continue healthy routines to ensure their children are still being effective learners at home.



Keep your child motivated learning at home

These 10 top tips can help parents continue to motivate their children and encourage more independence while learning from home. 


Screenshot 2020 04 24 at 13.26.47

Practice the ACPs and VAAs with young children

These 10 activities to help young children practice High Performance Learning competencies.



HPL Matters 

These articles look at the challenges educators face and how elements of High Performance Learning can help. 


Even the best can be better

This article has been written by Dr Rebecca Glass. Dr Glass holds a PhD in genetics and has a particular interest in its influence on student performance. 


HPL and your School’s Curriculum Design

This article has been written by Professor Deborah Eyre. Her thoughts reflect 40 years of research into how the most successful learners think and learn and how to structure curricula design to develop those same competencies in all pupils



High Performance Learning guides and support. 

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HPL Reflective Coaching Tools for Young People: Wheel of life

With the majority of students using remote learning and working from home, it is a fantastic opportunity for learners to practice their self-regulation skills.

Screenshot 2020 05 04 at 09.18.05

Supporting your child with independent learning

This document helps parents support their children with longer-term projects


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