Our Story

Everyone wants a high performing education system, but education systems continue to assume that only a minority of children can reach high levels of educational performance. 

In 2010, our Founder Professor Deborah Eyre published a policy paper for the independent Think Tank Policy Exchange, in which she suggested that evidence from neuro-science and psychology demonstrated conclusively that the brain is exquisitely plastic and we can grow our intelligence.

She challenged the system to stop categorising students by ability and instead expect high performance from everyone and systematically build towards it. Rather than a system which focuses on early detection of signs of failure, with pupils guided immediately into less demanding work, the system should be structured to provide the conditions that generate high performance and pupils steered towards this objective. She called this approach High Performance Learning and created a framework based on her lifetime's academic research on cognition. It identifies attributes, values and practices that can be developed in schools to enable more students to achieve highly to help schools make the High Performance Learning philosophy a reality.  

From 2010-2015 Deborah field-tested this approach in 31 international schools in 11 countries which were operating in English and using English or IB curriculum. The outcomes were transformative with year on year uplifts in results and well-adjusted, confident students.

In 2016 the UK-based High Performance Learning social enterprise was established with a mission to connect and support schools wanting to spearhead this change in education and become HPL schools. From the start, ambitious schools opted into the two year HPL World Class School Award and demonstrated that this approach could deliver transformational results in all kinds contexts - secondary or primary, maintained or independent, UK or international. 

In 2017 we launched a wider range of programmes to enable schools at any starting point to begin their journey towards being an HPL school. 

In 2018 we celebrated the first four schools to achieve the prestigious and demanding World Class School Award

In 2019 we launched The Fellowship and Global Community of Schools (FGC). The home for all HPL accredited schools. 

In 2022 we celebrated over 80,000 students being educated in HPL schools in 14 countries.  

The HPL movement is growing – join us in our mission to deliver high performance for the many and not the few. 

To find out more about our vision, read Deborah's policy paper 'Room at the Top', written for the independent think tank Policy Exchange.


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