HPL Global Lead Teacher Scheme

The HPL Global Lead Teacher scheme supports excellent classroom practitioners to extend their influence beyond their own school into the Global Community of HPL Schools and the broader education community. HPL Global Lead Teachers provide pedagogical leadership, and research and develop best practice in collaboration with HPL expert practitioners across the world.
The HPL Global Lead Teacher status can only be given to a teacher who is part of the Fellowship of World Class Schools and has demonstrated excellent outcomes as a result of embedding the HPL philosophy through their everyday practice in the classroom. 
Global Lead Teachers are accredited for up to three years.
Applications for 2020 Global Lead Teacher are now open. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more information or download an information booklet and application form here. Return completed forms to Jamie Powis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Global Lead Teachers





Kirsten Parker

Kirsten is an education coach and has been a form tutor and Head of House, but the thrust of her work has focused on teaching and learning. She has collaborated on several county-wide initiatives to advance teaching and learning including a project which focused on students as observers of learning, identifying what learning looks like and developing strategies.



Kate Slipper

Kate has implemented many whole school initiatives to drive learning forwards across the school, both within subject areas and on a pastoral level. She also works with a network of local schools to extend and develop pedagogy across all Key stages. In her subject area of Visual Arts, Kate has expertise through her experience of being a curriculum leader as well as completing the Artist Teacher MA at Goldsmiths College.

Case Study



Dr Andrew Flint

Andrew has engaged students in the process of embedding HPL in St Mary’s School, and models high academic standards himself through his ongoing commitment to research and publication. Andrew’s interdisciplinary and cross-curricular approach has led to him creating a wide range of HPL resources, activities, information and guidance for colleagues across all subject areas.


The benefit to your school
The High Performance Learning Global Lead Teacher scheme is an exciting opportunity for HPL schools to celebrate, consolidate, deepen and extend their existing HPL practice by recognising a genuinely outstanding practitioner who can act as a global leader in their subject or phase. 
This prestigious opportunity will enable your school to reward and retain your best leaders and practitioners by offering them an invaluable route through which to extend their impact of HPL practice in your school and globally across the HPL network of existing and aspiring schools.
As more schools across the world adopt the HPL approach, the opportunity to both shape and learn from new and innovative approaches through the participation in the HPL Global network of Lead Teachers will ensure that your school is always at the cutting edge of practice.

 Application Process
Applying for Global Lead Teacher status follows this process:
  1. The Headteacher of the school nominates a member of their team. If the nominee accepts, they complete a self-assessment application form where they will provide a brief set of evidence against each of the Global Lead Teacher Standards. 
  2. Once the HPL Selection Committee has received the completed application form, the Panel will notify the Headteacher, whether the candidate has met the criteria and will progress to the Interview Process. 
  3. After an interview with the nominee, the successful candidates will be notified and the HPL Team will contact the school to set up a meeting to discuss the specific GLT role in more detail. 
Apply now 
Read the Information for Headteachers/Principals and Applicants and apply for the position of HPL Global Lead Teacher by completing the form at the back of the information book. 

Download Information Booklet

Download Application Form

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