Our Vision

Everyone wants a high performing education system, but it continues to be assumed that only a minority of advantaged children can reach high levels of educational performance.

HPL believes that we should expect many more students to reach the academic levels once seen as the preserve of the very few. Indeed we should structure the education system with this in mind. Rather than creating a system which focuses on early detection of signs of failure, with pupils guided immediately into less demanding work, the system should be structured to provide the conditions that generate high performance and pupils steered towards this objective.

High Performance Learning is the approach developed by Professor Deborah Eyre to achieve this objective. Based on a lifetime’s research and practice in education for advanced cognitive performance, it identifies attributes, values and practices that can be developed in schools to enable more students to achieve highly.

To read more about our vision, read Deborah’s policy paper ‘Room at the Top’ [link: https://policyexchange.org.uk/publication/room-at-the-top-inclusive-education-for-high-performance/], written for the independent think tank Policy Exchange.



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