About Us

High Performance Learning (HPL) is a mission-driven social enterprise, working with schools and teachers to bring the benefits of Deborah Eyre’s High Performance Learning philosophy and approach to as many schools as possible, so that more students - whatever their background - can achieve highly.

HPL helps good schools to become world class, through supporting them to develop their own interpretation of the High Performance Learning Framework (or their ‘unique choreography’, as one head teacher put it) and implement the principles of High Performance Learning throughout their schools. When done well, High Performance Learning becomes part of a school’s DNA – an underpinning philosophy that can bring coherence to the modern culture of targets, initiatives and programmes.

HPL is a global movement, working with both UK and international schools. We work with the state and independent sectors, and with multi-academy trusts. We work with school leaders to transform their schools, and with teachers to develop High Performance Learning in the classroom.

High Performance Learning is unique in that it is a proven, research-based, pedagogy-led approach, which relies on teachers and their professional capital to help schools make the gear change to become world class.



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