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We are extremely proud of the wonderful results, in fact the best ever achieved by our students, both at A-level and (i)GCSE in the last two years. They are eminent proof that the adoption of High Performance Learning, with the forward-looking teaching and learning behaviour it generates, is making a real difference. It has created a growth mindset in our students, which prepares them exquisitely for their future careers and life-long learning

Dr Steffen Sommer, Principal, Doha College (HPL World Class School)


HPL World Class Schools

The first schools to be awarded HPL World Class School status were accredited in 2018. There are 29 more schools working towards this prestigious award. 

Doha logo

Doha College, led by Dr Steffen Sommer, is one of the leading schools in the Middle East. Steffen is a strong advocate for the HPL philosophy and wanted his school to be amongst the first to work towards the Award.  Good fortune, and visionary leadership, resulted in highly committed HPL leads in both primary and secondary. Doha’s HPL journey has been characterised by unfailing optimism and energy and an absolute belief that they could deliver high performance for all – and go further! The last two years have seen Doha College achieve record results and the future looks very bright. 

Chesterton logo

Chesterton Community College is based in the university city of Cambridge and has high ambitions for its students. It approached its HPL Award journey by first focusing on students who needed to make fast progress if they were to ‘catch up’ and become high performers. They then disseminated and shared what had been learnt so that HPL could become the underpinning approach to teaching and learning across the entire school. HPL underpins everything that Chesterton does in terms of a relentless focus on teaching and learning in the classroom and has taken the school beyond its already outstanding national progress scores.

Sydenham logo

Sydenham in Lewisham, London is a successful girls’ school. Gloria Lowe arrived as Headteacher in September 2016 having already decided that the best way to help Sydenham take its next steps towards excellence was by adopting the high performance learning philosophy and she signed them up for the HPL World Class School Award. With a well-established research and pedagogical approach, Sydenham teaching and learning group explored and enjoyed HPL and laid extremely strong and compelling foundations for roll-out. Visitors to Sydenham comment on how impressive it is to see an HPL school in action.

New BISS logo 2016

The British International School of Stavanger offers British style curriculum, working to IB qualifications and with a distinctly Norwegian flavour. From the start, the team were enthusiastic, thoughtful and committed. They could see how adopting HPL as an underpinning framework could complement the IB philosophy and create a holistic approach to education at BISS. But it was not straightforward and they had to think their way through the challenge of bringing the two into alignment which they have done with considerable skill and aplomb. Attainment and performance of all students has improved and results from MYP5 were particularly impressive.  


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